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uncle Ray's Way

Uncle Ray felt strongly about making potato chips that are strong in flavor and sold at a fair price so that everyone could enjoy “Beyond Good” chips and snacks. We still work day in and day out to make and share the best potato chips possible!
Back of the Uncle Ray's bag with their stories on the back

A Man of Dedication

The Uncle Ray Way is bigger than all the “Beyond Good” potato chips and snacks that we produce. It is one of dedication and values. Uncle Ray was a man dedicated to his church, his family, and his business. He and his chips were inspired by the concept of achieving more through community and personal relationships. His ways of making the chip business a success were not concerned as much with finances - Uncle Ray believed that if you work together as a team and community, then the money would take care of itself. That’s a worthy lesson these days, and he carried these values throughout his team, snack suppliers, and chip customers. Uncle Ray was so loyal to his chip customers that he actually cosigned on a home for one of them!

Roots In Uncle Ray’s Values

Farm to table traditions still hold true with our potato chips just the way Uncle Ray started. We know the value of American farms. After all, it’s a perfect potato that is the start of every perfect chip. Uncle Ray’s is proud to partner with family farms who employ the slogan, “Faith, Family, Farm” to supply us and you with the best year round supply of potatoes. Uncle Ray’s and the farm will dig up the fresh potatoes so that all you're digging for is that next delicious chip from your favorite bag.
Potato Plant in the dirt
A lot of the ingredients that Uncle Ray's uses in the manufacturing of their products. They like to use Natural Ingredients.

We Believe In Only The Best

Uncle Ray believed in doing things the right way. That means using only the best ingredients and seasonings to keep quality and freshness at the highest levels. The best potatoes deserve rich and even flavor. Our customers love knowing that they’ll get a fully seasoned experience with every bite and on every chip, no matter the bag size, no matter the flavor. It’s just the right thing to do!

All Yours To Enjoy

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