Dear Friend,

Sure, there’s more than one way to skin a potato. Today, the big guys are global, and they tend to dominate the market. Sometimes with robots. Yeah, robots.

It works for them, but it’s not Uncle Ray’s Way. My way means keeping it simple. Taking care of our people. Choosing quality ingredients and making downright great potato chips.

Back in 1965, I started making chips my way, and things haven’t changed much. We’ve got more customers, so we make more chips, but we still do it my way. That’s me right there on the bag, people.

It’s still simple. We begin with good and end up with a whole lot better. Life’s too short for “good enough” chips. We’ve heard ours are Beyond Good.

We’ll keep makin’ Uncle Ray’s potato chips my way. I think it’s a pretty good way. I hope you’ll agree.